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The Lucrezia Borgia book: Life, Love, and Death in Renaissance Italy (paperback) is a fascinating peek into the life of a woman who's often been portrayed as either a horrible monster or seductive pawn. You'll find out that she's neither. The Lucrezia Borgia Renaissance book offers firsthand accounts of the most misunderstood woman, who secures a key role in the political realm of her day.

In the Lucrezia Borgia book: Life, Love, and Death in the Renaissance Italy (paperback), you'll learn that the very name Lucrezia Borgia conjures up everything that was sinister and corrupt about the Renaissance—incest, political assassination, papal sexual abuse, poisonous intrigue, unscrupulous power grabs. Yet, in the Renaissance book, bestselling biographer Sarah Bradford reveals a breathtaking new portrait of Borgia. The truth is far more fascinating than the myth. Neither a vicious monster nor a seductive pawn, Lucrezia Borgia was a shrewd, determined woman who used her beauty and intelligence to secure a key role in the political struggles of her day as revealed in this must-have Borgia Italian history book.

Drawing from a trove of contemporary documents and fascinating firsthand accounts, Bradford brings to life the art, the pageantry, and the dangerous politics of the Renaissance world Lucrezia Borgia helped to create.

Shop for The Lucrezia Borgia book: Life, Love, and Death in Renaissance Italy for a paperback you won't be able to put down, as you read about the fascinating real life of this woman often portrayed either as a monster or a seductive victim.
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