The Tudors: Thy Will Be Done (Paperback)

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The Tudors book, "Thy Will Be Done," is the written version of a gripping third season. King Henry VIII continues on with his string of wives and women, only to be shattered when the new queen dies during the birth of the king's only son. Thy Will Be Done follows the king into a political union, another tempting mistress, and unrest that may threaten his throne in the end.

In The Tudors book, Anne Boleyn is dead and a Catholic rebellion is rising in the north. The king's army makes a bloody example of the traitors, and Henry VIII will not be satisfied until the defiant leaders pay with their heads. Thy Will Be Done portrays a virtuous and beautiful new queen of England, Jane Seymour, who has convinced him to reconcile with his daughters, little Elizabeth and pious Mary, who the insurgents hope will one day restore the Church to power. Mary must wait her turn, however, when Jane blesses Henry with the one thing his other wives could not, a son, only she doesn't survive his birth. Devastated, in the King Henry VIII book, the king locks himself in seclusion. A new leader is waiting for Henry's power to weaken, a jousting wound threatens his life, and disloyalty is brewing within the court. The Tudors book continues on as the king becomes fearful of England's waning alliances, and his advisers convince him to marry homely Anne of Cleves, a political union in which he finds little comfort...until he meets a young, coquettish new mistress named Katherine. Thy Will Be Done is a seductive and gripping third season of The Tudors, in which the king finally gets everything he ever wanted. But unrest is brewing, and he will stop at nothing, and spare no one, to hold on to the throne.

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