Just Launched: The SHOWTIME Store Blog


Can’t get enough SHOWTIME? We got you covered!

Looking for the latest drip from the Bodega Boys? Our Desus & Mero swag has got your back. Need advice from Catherine, the Log Lady? Our Twin Peaks Collection will give you all the answers. Not sure if you are Team Axe or Team Taylor? Our Billions Axe Capital merch will make sure you don't have to choose sides.

Perfect for any fan, the SHOWTIME Store Blog invites you to learn the story behind some of our best-selling SHOWTIME items and provides you with the most exclusive product updates from your favorite SHOWTIME shows. We'll be sure to cover the latest merch drops, promotions, special events, and more, making the SHOWTIME Store Blog your central hub for product updates from your favorite SHO series.

Check back soon for more information from not only our best selling series mentioned above, but also classics and fan-faves like Shameless, Dexter, The L Word: Generation Q and more!